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Imagine your money growing like this and fulfilling your dreams !

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How 4QTiming Works

4QTiming uses an AI program to signal you on market opportunities. On each signal, you invest in a NASDAQ-100 leveraged 2x or 3x ETF strategy. Which strategy you choose to follow with 4QTiming signals depends on how much leveraged profits and risk you want with your investments. 

Look at how $10,000 could have grown in a 3x NDX ETF with 4QTiming signals.

$10,000 Growth in a 3x NDX ETF
Time PeriodGrowthAnnual Rate
3 Yr$ 70,06291.3%
5 Yr$ 412,901110.3%
10 Yr$ 5,669,43788.0%
Based on 4QTiming returns from 12/31/2007- 12/31/2017

Imagine your retirement savings growing like this and how that will fulfill your dreams and plans for retirement!! 

More on 4QTiming

  • On each 4QTiming signal change you receive an email within a few hours after the market closes that instructs you to buy or sell the appropriate Nasdaq100 2x or 3x tracking or inverse ETF. Each signal change email will also include stop loss triggers to limit your potential losses if the market makes extreme opposite moves from what the model expects with these leveraged investments.
  • Here is a sample email you would receive for a 'Long' signal change. NDX2x is the strategy that invests in Nasdaq100 2x tracking or inverse ETF, NDX3x is the 3x strategy. Listed for each strategy is the ETF to buy for the strategy and the associated 'Stop Loss' setting (always enter the 'Stop Loss' value as GTC (good till cancelled)). It's best to enter your trade prior to market 'open' or at market 'open' for the best returns with the strategies.

         Signal is 'Long'

         NDX2x: QLD, StopLoss: 123.2
         NDX3x: TQQQ, StopLoss: 109.2

  • After the initial signal, you will continue to receive occasional emails updating the 'Stop Loss' values as the market changes. These updates can be entered at almost any time prior to next market open and should always be entered as a 'Good Till Cancelled' (GTC) trade.

  • At some point, a 'Stop Loss' may be triggered and move you to 'cash' or the signal will change and indicate a move to 'cash' or possibly change to an inverse ETF. The key point is just to follow the email position for each strategy when a signal changes.

  • You may see several signal changes in a week or a signal may last several weeks. The model gets out of a signal quickly if the market doesn't move in the direction and magnitude it expects and will let profitable signals grow.

  • Occasionally the model may use a less leveraged ETF than the strategy normally uses. Example: for the NDX3x strategy, you may occasionally see it indicate that you buy the inverse 2x ETF QID rather than the inverse 3x ETF SQQQ. So don't be surprised if the email says to buy an ETF whose leverage doesn't match the normal leverage for the strategy you are using.

  • For higher returns by 'auto trading' an ETF prior to market close or Futures trading on 4QTiming signals, subscribe to one of the 4QTiming strategies with Collective2 on the left.

  • Finally, this is NOT a 'get rich quick' program. To achieve annualized returns like this requires investing with the 4QTiming method over the long term - three or more years. The 4QTiming model is not perfect and there will be draw down periods from losing trades where your account value will drop.  Historically the draw down periods lasted from several weeks to months. Even with these draw down periods the strategies had positive returns each year.

How much more simpler could this be! All you need to do is decide if you want to use a 2x or 3x leverage ETF with 4QTiming signals and then just follow buying or selling the ETFs in each email for the strategy you have chosen.

Retire when you want, in the manner you want, with 4QTiming!


Why 4QTiming?

Reason 1

The primay reason for subscribing to 4QTiming is that with this investment strategy you can grow your retirement savings into a small fortune over time! Look at how $10,000 could have grown in a 2X ETF with 4QTiming signals.

$10,000 Growth in a 2X ETF
Time Period Growth Annual Rate
3 Yr $38,224 56.4%
5 Yr $129,370 66.8%
10 Yr $802,608 54.7%
Based on 4QTiming returns from 12/31/1997 - 12/31/2017

Imagine your retirement savings growing like this and how that will fulfill your dreams and plans for retirement!!

Reason 2

The next reason is the peace of mind the 4QTiming investment strategy will provide you with your retirement savings.

  • No longer will you need to worry that you chose the right stock or mutual fund to invest in!
  • No longer will you need to worry about 'bear' markets and if you should cut your loses by selling! 4QTiming can make money for you in 'bear' markets!
  • Plus, numerous studies have shown that basing your trading decisions on emotions is typically disastrous!

The 4QTiming signals are un-emotionally decided by a computer program based on market data back to 1972!

Reason 3

The third reason is the simplicity the 4QTiming investment strategy brings to you in managing your retirement savings - it will save you time and money!

  • No longer will you need to spend your valuable time researching which stocks to invest in! Nor will you need to spend the time and money involved with trading the stocks!
  • No longer will you need to spend time with your broker or financial planner on how to invest your retirement savings!

All you will need to do with 4QTiming is spend a few minutes, a few times a year, in switching your savings between ETFs as 4QTiming signals are issued!

To simplify this even more, you can sign up for 'autotrading' with a broker who will do the trading for you on 4QTiming signals! Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your money grow with 4QTimng!

    Too Good to be True?

    Many say that market timing doesn’t work. Applying the 4QTiming model to over 20yrs of market data shows that it does work! You be the judge.

    This is NOT a 'get rich quick' program. The returns are dependent on general market trends and if the market does not go up or down a great deal in a year, neither will the returns with 4QTiming. To achieve annualized returns like this requires investing with the 4QTiming method over the long term - three or more years.

    Because markets can have short term swings of 5-10% during Bull or Bear market trends, your investments will also have short term swings. You want to stay invested during these short term swings and follow the 4QTiming signal changes to realize the long term returns the model has given.

    The 4QTiming model is not perfect. There are occasional signal changes that don’t realize a positive return. These have been typically few and at a small loss. The returns shown include all signal changes, ones with positive returns and the few with negative returns. Remember, this is not a 'get rich quick' scheme, this is for the long term investor.

    Our trading results are verified by Timertrac.com, whose medallion appears on the home page.


    The subscription plans here are for the 4QTiming web site email signals. The web site signals are issued after the market closes for execution at next market open and are for traders who want to manually trade on 4QTiming signals.

    For 'auto trading' the 3x ETF strategy or Futures trading on 4QTiming signals, you are required to subscribe to one of the 4QTiming strategies with Collective2. Do not subscribe to the web site for auto trading, a web site subscription is only for manual trading on signals.

    4QTiming Site Subscription Plans:

    • Monthly - $67 billed each month.
    • Semi-annual - $340 billed every 6 months, $57/mo, a 15% savings!
    • Annual - $600 billed annually, $50/mo, a 25% savings!

    Services Provided With Subscription:

    • Access to the Current Signal and all other recent historical signals within the thirty day non-member exclusion period on the Signal/History page.
    • Same day email notification of signal changes after Market close.
    • Automatic subscription renewal until you cancel your subscription.

    Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee!

    • New subscribers may cancel their subscription within thirty days of joining and recieve a 100% refund - no questions asked! A new subscriber is anyone who has not subscribed to 4QTiming in the past.

    Steps to Take (Click to expand)

     1. Subscribe to 4QTiming.com.
     2. Pick ETF/MF to use for Long and Short signals.
     3. Open a brokerage account or mutual fund account.
     4. Invest in selected ETF/MF for each 4QTiming signal.

    About 4QTiming

    4QTiming was launched in 2010 and grew out of my own desire for higher returns with my retirement savings. I was tired and frustrated with dealing with the costs, time, and anxiety of trading with individual stocks and watch my hard earned gains evaporate when the market decided to go down!

    That frustration led me to investigate market timing. When you look at market charts there are obvious up and down trends that appear, the trick is to identify when these trends change. Market timing is where you identify these trends and then invest in ETFs that make money on the ‘up’ or ‘down’ trends. The additional benefit with market timing is that it simplifies the whole process of managing your retirement savings and eliminates the costs, time and anxiety of dealing with individual stocks.

    I actually subscribed to a market timing site for a period of time, but was disappointed with their results. Because my background is in the process control industry and much of my work involves analyzing data and identifying trends, I wondered if I could come up with something better. Why would market timing be that much different than analyzing process trends?

    It wasn’t quite as simple as I first thought, but after a few frustrations, my model provided returns that are good as or better than other available market timing sites. I began using my market timing model as my own investment strategy in 2005 and launched the 4QTiming web site in 2010. 

    The original 4QTiming model was based on long term trend changes and had difficulty handling volatile periods the market experienced from 2010 -2015. In May 2016 a more dynamic version of the 4QTiming model was launch that can be used confidently with leveraged 2x-3x etfs. There are 'Stop Loss' triggers with each trade to limit any potential loss with these highly leverage investments. The model gets out of a signal quickly if the market doesn't move in the direction and magnitude it expects and will let profitable signals grow.

    Tom Meyer

    Looking Glass Strategies

    May 2016

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